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Be welcome!

It took a while before I finally jumped on the CouchSurfing bandwagon. Initially, I had a strong prejudice about the bulk of the crowd sourced hospitality network members. I was convinced they saw surfing merely as way to save money while travelling, instead of more importantly, a unique opportunity to connect with locals. Finally, I […]

Blown Away by 250 artists

Saturday November 16th, Blow Away Fest opens three rusty wharf spaces to blow you away with creativity, inspiration and entertaiment. For the second year in a row, the harbour of Rotterdam will be the backdrop of this cultural festival, featuring more than 250 artists. Join the fest and treat yourself with an inspirational blend of […]

(Futura) Bold new cover approach by Mevis and Van Deursen

International oriented Dutch weekly magazine De Groene Amsterdammer recently changed their cover design, with a bold new approach. The bold approach is easy to criticize. But also easy to underpin. With a target group interested in philosophy, politics, literature and liberal arts, the average reader will have the background and mindset to support arguments with […]

Country blues virtuoso North Mississippi Allstars rocks

Were have I been as a self proclaimed music lover? How did I not know North Mississippi Allstars? With their debute album in 2000 and seven studio albums after, I must have been sleeping! Their newest album ‘World Boogie Is Coming’ is quite an onion to peel. What a wonderful mix of guitar riffs, pounding […]

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