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About Farewell

“The brightest lights, cast the biggest shadows. So honey I got to let you go…” There’s a universal wisdom in Alela Diane’s latest record. About finding the guts to ride out of the time when you are taken hostage by a jammed chapter in life. Last months, I have been listening to Alela Diane’s latest […]

Dutch Green Bridges Blog for a sharp mind

If you read Dutch, question yourself and the world around you and want to achieve impact in life, be inspired at Green Green is Martine Verweij’s blog about her observations and beliefs to build bridges towards a more sustainable world. Being smart, creative, interested, educated and experienced, Martine writes inspirational columns for a […]

Crowd fund a documentary to live a prettier life!

  Criticize today, learn from the past, and live a prettier life! How? Marianne van Dijk is going back to the cave to find prehistoric habits we could use in the world we* are living in. After a trial session of 100 days, the project ‘What About Wilma’ gets an sequel. And she needs you […]

What about Wilma

Intelligent, creative, passionate, healthy, active and a little bit crazy, young urban intellectual Marianne van Dijk will live ‘like Wilma’ for 100 days. Looking for a new -challenge in- life, this journalist will be living like a cavewoman in Amsterdam for 100 days. Eating, sleeping and moving like they did back then. Wilma’s diet will […]

Shine a light on the contemporary art scene

Art philosopher and journalist Marianne van Dijk proposed me a great contemporary art review website she is writing for: Tubelight. This beacon in the Dutch art scene is also shining on mobile devices as an app. Visit and be up to date and inspired

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