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We made it to Almaty!

Here and there with a little help of public transport, after 3800km of cycling me and my girlfriend Martine finished cycling to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Earlier I posted some pictures of stage one. Here some more of the continuation of the trip. Read more about the amazing people we met along the road on our project website: energy […]

Level one accomplished: Odessa here we are

Currently me and my girlfriend Martine are cycling to Almaty, Kazakhstan. We started in Poland (Rzeszow), crossed the Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria and after 1000km we arrived safely in Odessa, Ukraine. Read more about the amazing people we met along the road on our project website: energy If you want to follow our tracks along […]

Ready for adventure

Today I left the office. Left my car at the car park, switched off my phone and walked to the train. I walked in at the tailor who occasionally altered the second hand jackets I bought at the local thrift store. This Afghan man who had lived in Iran for years gave me a comforting […]

Crossing energy borders

This summer, we will travel for 3,5 months from Amsterdam to Almaty and back, by bicycle and public transport. It’s a simple trip, with a simple purpose: exploring energy borders, while finding the energy to keep going… It all started while we wondered about energy, deciding it was time to take action. Marijn Engels, professional […]

Sabbatical leave: fighting entropy

After 8 years service as a creative, next June I will travel with my partner, bicycle and camera for three months. Yes I will! Fighting entropy To stand still is going nowhere. Or going backwards, some say. It takes energy to keep going forward. In nature, the second law of thermodynamics, entropy, is to blame for […]

Riding the Himalayan range

Me, my friends and the Royal Enfields are back in one piece. And with a smile. A big one. Two weeks of rolling over tarmac, dirt, gravel, snow and sand while enjoying one of the worlds most beautiful panoramic views, made everlasting memories. The Himalayan range, as well as the way to it from Manali, […]

Be welcome!

It took a while before I finally jumped on the CouchSurfing bandwagon. Initially, I had a strong prejudice about the bulk of the crowd sourced hospitality network members. I was convinced they saw surfing merely as way to save money while travelling, instead of more importantly, a unique opportunity to connect with locals. Finally, I […]

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