Instagram is debasing real photography – part 2

Filmmaker Thomas Jullien created a nice short movie by weaving together strangers’ Instagram pictures to form a story. It starts with a bike ride to Paris and zaps you to New York and pretty much everywhere else in between.

In June 2012, on the occasion of an interesting Guardian article, I posted Kate Beavans interesting article ‘Instagram is debasing real photography’. It was about the fact Instagram / Hipstamatic / Snapseed filters are the antithesis of creativity, and make all pictures look the same.

Following movie proves the point. But is at the same time visually very interesting and well edited. Jullien used 852 Instagram pictures from 852 Instagram users for this little short movie. But by seeing all these pictures in a pseudo stop animation, you realize how similar all of our photos end up being with todays over used filter. Nothing is really original. We’re all just frames in someone else’s next movie.



Read the earlier posted article on Instagram by Kate Bevan.

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