! This page is still in an early stage and so in progress ! Music is medicine. It is said your ‘musical window’ slowly closes around the age of 25. Solely dude to priorities in life, you’re susceptibility for new music fades away. And the music you grow up with will have you’re lifetime appreciation. I also have a lot of favorites from the time I was around 20. But I try to keep my musical window opened, primairily by listerning to new releases and concerts in de 3voor12 luisterpaal. And now and then, I visit a live concert.

When you decide
That your life is a prize
Renew and rivive […]
Life’s a bummer
When you’re a hummer

Hummer by the Smashing Pumpkins

By keeping the musical window open, you will find some recent musicians along my favorites. What will you find on my discs, telephone and mp3 player?



Sixtees and Seventees


Open you musical window

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My favourite tracks and records
Every day is a new day. Most of my favorite tracks took a while to sink in as favorites over time. Sometimes a track just feels right at a certain moment. And everybody rediscovers the same album over and over in time. But let’s try. Most alltime favorites have disonant and melancholic sounds…

by Brant Bjork(2007)
Trees Outside the Academy
by Thurston Moore (2007)
Siamese Dream
by The Smashing Pumpkins (1993)
Consolers of the Lonely
by The Raconteurs (2008)
‘Unplugged’ MTV recordings
by Alice in Chains and Scott Olson (1996)
Morning View
by Incubus (2001)
About Farewell
by Alela Diane (2013)
Second Winter
by Johhny Winter (1969)

There’s another who looks
from behind your eyes
I learn from you how to hide
From the desperate kingdom of love

The Desparate Kingdom of Love by P.J. Harvey

Sidewalk Adventures



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