Riding the Himalayan range

Me, my friends and the Royal Enfields are back in one piece. And with a smile. A big one. Two weeks of rolling over tarmac, dirt, gravel, snow and sand while enjoying one of the worlds most beautiful panoramic views, made everlasting memories.

The Himalayan range, as well as the way to it from Manali, is so diverse and beautiful. The colors! The light! Incredible. Riding over a +5000m mountain pass while looking at some bigger white giants in front of you is breathtaking. Although I got used to the numerous stunning views over time travelled, two weeks of rolling did not bore at all.

Kay shot a nice video in Delhi of Indiana Jones style Gert. When Gert asked the driver to ride it’s rickshaw, the driver surprisingly agreed. He took the offer without any hesitation…


Bart shot some Royal Enfield onboard video during the trip.

You can watch more video of the Himalayan range ride on Bart’s Youtube channel.
Itinerary map and picture gallery will follow later.

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