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Taste three contemporary avant-garde bands from the Benelux in one evening

Tremendously curious and intrinsically driven to understand an change the world towards a more sustainable future, Martine Veweij nourishes and trains body and mind broad wise: with international oriented consultancy challenges, international oriented social life, cultural practice and physical activity. Martine hinted me ‘Sonic Soirée’ to satisfy my hunger for live avant-garde music. Join this […]

Line of fire

Looking forward to see and hear Junip (Elias Araya, Tobias Winterkorn and José González) live in the Melkweg in Amsterdam in May. Enjoy their first sound, word and image cocktail of their newest, still to relase album. Still with the distinctive, familiar Junip sound: melodic and shadowy, with a intimate and atmospheric sonic approach.

Sidewalk Adventures



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