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Maxim Santalov’s mega mix

I recently met the 24 years old self-taught Russian artist Maxim Santalov at the ‘No Man’s Art Gallery’ in Amsterdam, March 2013. Maxim is based in Moscow. His remarkably recognizable (wax) pencil style shows strongly contrasting colours and mostly simple abstract and figurative shapes. His distinctive technique of layers and scratching adds a lot of […]

Do vandals peel letters of the Rijksmuseum walls?

Explore Paul van der Laan’s prone to peel typeface ‘Rijksmuseum’ A week after the opening, I visited the restored Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The visual identity, including the typeface, is rigorously addressed. Main Responsible designer Irma Boom assigned typographer Paul van der Laan for a new type design: the ‘Rijksmuseum’. My first encounter with the typeface in […]

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