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Day of Architecture Amsterdam

On Sunday, more than 45 unique buildings open their doors. The Day of Architecture Amsterdam shows you a different side of the city! Discover places you did not know and experience views that you could not imagine.

Crowd funding Dutch art

Last week I attended an IAA meeting on Crowd Funding and Innovation. One of the lecturers was ‘Voordekunst’ (English: ‘for the Art’) initiator Roy Cremers. His sympathetic project as well as the concept of crowd funding are not new at all, but Voordekunst -started September 2010- deserves to get some fresh attention. With you […]

Celebrate Krux Amsterdam first anniversary

Initiated by four young designers, Krux is an workspace on the banks of the Rijnkanaal in the city of Amsterdam. It’s attached to workspace 5, were I and some friends share our space to relax and create. Krux invites you to join their celebration of one year Krux Amsterdam. Come to see the shared workspace […]

Sidewalk Adventures



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