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Crowd fund a documentary to live a prettier life!

  Criticize today, learn from the past, and live a prettier life! How? Marianne van Dijk is going back to the cave to find prehistoric habits we could use in the world we* are living in. After a trial session of 100 days, the project ‘What About Wilma’ gets an sequel. And she needs you […]

Neogothic photography monastery

On the road from France to Amsterdam, I visited a monastery with three million negatives and 80,000 photographs: The Charleroi Museum of Photography in southern Belgium. This highly recommended museum could be a magnet to Charleroi, but at the time I visited, you could count the visitors on one hand. And that’s a shame… This […]

Super (Cub) birthday post card

My college Sanne Koekenbier, daily sketcher, water color painter and graphic designer, surprised me with this excellent hand drawn birthday post card I like to share. It is without doubt my own restored Super Cub! Sanne’s Art Journal like work is inspired by Danny Gregory. The text on the card reads “Hold on tight for […]

Surprise entry in Texel triathlon

It’s suddenly on. Time to search my swimming goggles, to buy a cheap wetsuit at a famous German supermarket chain, to get my old trusty steel road bike from the wall, to pack my shoes and to go north. Months ago, a good friend asked me to participate in a quarter triathlon on the island […]

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