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“The brightest lights, cast the biggest shadows. So honey I got to let you go…” There’s a universal wisdom in Alela Diane’s latest record. About finding the guts to ride out of the time when you are taken hostage by a jammed chapter in life.

Last months, I have been listening to Alela Diane’s latest album ‘About Farewell’ a lot. The ‘break-up record’ is by no means an oddity in singer-songwriterdom. Heartbreak, leaving or be left, is a gift to singer-songwriters. While Diane is not the first songwriter to use a breakup as inspiration for their music, she has managed to create something special to me. Why is this broken hart record different and inspirational?

In the first place, it’s not a boring self pity ‘revenge on ex record’. Diane is not pointing the finger solely on her ex. Second, is the straightforwardness of the lyrics. Diane avoids metaphor almost entirely, bringing up the painful details of her marriage: from a troubled start (‘Hazel Street’) to the realization that it was a lost cause and time to move on (‘About Farewell’). Therefore, the album is not only about heartache and love loss. It’s about choices, guts, and moving on. This is exactly what I lyrically like about the album. 

You have to be strong to close a door to open a new door at any stage in life. In any relationship: with your partner, employer or current work. Recent hart breaking events in life, the lovely people around me, reading suggestions and ‘About Farewell’ stirred up self-reflection. Now it’s time for me to have the guts to say farewell…

These beautiful enviable pictures were taken by photographer Jaclyn Campanaro.

What does this indie-country-folk-blues album sound like? Delicate guitar lines and beautiful vocals are occasional supported by strings, percussion and keyboard. But why don’t you put on your headphones (compulsory!) and give it a go:


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