Sidewalk Adventures

By making 'Sidewalk Adventures', you can find excitement and eye candy just around the corner. To love and understand art, you need background knowledge. To love the small things in the world around you, you just need your imagination.

My Sidewalk Adventures started around the age of 16, with my first 35mm single lens reflex camera around my neck. By practicing photography, I leaned to invoke my fantasy, to focus, to look from different perspectives and to see beauty in the tiniest things. In the ravages of time. In composition. In the color, the direction and quality of light. Beauty is in the eye and so the mind of the beholder, and I am glad to have developed a joy in looking. Therefore, every day is a new Sidewalk Adventure. With and without a camera.

The Sidewalk Adventures website came to life, as a means to fitness my web-skills, share some non or not so private pictures with friends, and have the opportunity to store personal files in a private data cloud.

At the moment the Sidewalk Adventures website is close to empty. I will upload pictures the following months. Read more about me, my love, or contact me with the ‘About’ sub menus.

Sidewalk Adventures



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