BMW R1100 GS

R1100 GS with nosejob done, South Coast England | © Marijn Engels, October 2007

Geeh, what is this bike ugly! Never bought for it’s looks. 100% bought for its use: long distance riding with luggage. Even with two. Handy and convenient for a tall guy who likes to pack and go. I did mine a nosejob, to half the enourmous standard peel.

It’a a heavy machine but once rolling, it is very manoeuvrable as long as you stay away from mud and deep sand. I took the bike a couple of times into France, crossed the Alps to Italy, took the ferry to England, rode it trough a tiny bit of Russia and crossed the Baltic States partly over gravel. If I only had (the guts to claim) the time… Join for a ride?


  • Nosejob (plastic from Poland)
  • Home made aluminium extended rearrack
  • Home made 12v sockets for camera charging
  • Steel braided brake lines
  • Copper glide bearings in gas valve housing
  • Upgraded suspension and damping
  • Lard ass comfy seat
  • Breathe free exhaust pipe
  • Exhaust pipe extension to prevent smoked luggage
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