Burgers cross frame

Cross frames in magazine ‘De Kampioen’, (1901)

My former city bike, a 70’s Dutch Fongers Favoriet, served me over 10 years. It survived two studies, bearing climate and daily city burden until it crashed into a scooter and broke it’s neck last year. Bend forks and frame were not possible to repair.

I decided to take it apart and look for a new, sound, blast from the past. I bought a Dutch Burgers-ENR from the 50’s. It’s incredible stiff cross frame is heavy but charismatic. Many frame builders have tried cross frame designs in the early 20th century.

The Burgers I bought came almost historical correct. I was able to complete it in style with the left overs of the crashed Favoriet. When the current black tires are finished, I will mount a set of crème ones.


  • lugged cross frame
  • Philips head light and rear light
  • Bottle side wall dynamo
  • lock with neat nickel plated key
  • chromed Schothorst rims
  • rear hubs with nipple
  • copper crank bolt covers
  • canvas chain cover


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