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Connect with reality. My Mom’s Motorcycle

I’ll won’t sell my bike, still have my first (broken) skateboard, kept the hand painted T-shirt my mother made for my 12th birthday until it showed to many holes and still cut with the pocket knife my dad gave me. But this short film also makes me rethink my love for material things that make […]

Instagram is debasing real photography – part 2

Filmmaker Thomas Jullien created a nice short movie by weaving together strangers’ Instagram pictures to form a story. It starts with a bike ride to Paris and zaps you to New York and pretty much everywhere else in between. In June 2012, on the occasion of an interesting Guardian article, I posted Kate Beavans interesting […]

292 documentaries in 12 days

The world’s largest documentary film festival, the International Film Festival Amsterdam, will take place from 20 November to 1 December 2013. The objective is to promote creative documentaries to a wide audience and organize debates, forums and workshops. Check out their rich programme schedule or festival website. Opening event: Return to Homs I had the […]

Crowd fund a documentary to live a prettier life!

  Criticize today, learn from the past, and live a prettier life! How? Marianne van Dijk is going back to the cave to find prehistoric habits we could use in the world we* are living in. After a trial session of 100 days, the project ‘What About Wilma’ gets an sequel. And she needs you […]

Explore Amsterdam as a curious Sidewalk Adventurer

Navigate Marijn’s Amsterdam highlights map I love maps, interesting drawings created to orient, find special locations and dream about the unknown. The best city maps are personalized by like minded people. For my Couch Surfers I have created a personalised Amsterdam highlights map using Google Maps. A map with all my favorite places in and […]

Surprising ‘Thrillumentary’ blends confusing events with mere amusement

After seen the The Imposter, it’s eay to kick start the old discussion about objectivity with documentary filmmaking. Using actors, dramatic sound, provoking images and edits of eg. facial expressions out of their original context, the director is obviously directing you! The imposter is an interesting and amusing film but does not fulfill what documentaries […]

A journey through film as I love it

Time travelling, unconnected to Western canon politics from major studios or patronages: EYE Amsterdam now screens ‘The story of Film: An Odyssey’ by director and film critic Mark Cousins. Cousins explains his subjective history convincingly. Makes connections between pioneers and the inspired. Continiously reinforcing his observations with its own voiceovers, self shot interviews and eloquent […]

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