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Dutch Green Bridges Blog for a sharp mind

If you read Dutch, question yourself and the world around you and want to achieve impact in life, be inspired at Green Green is Martine Verweij’s blog about her observations and beliefs to build bridges towards a more sustainable world. Being smart, creative, interested, educated and experienced, Martine writes inspirational columns for a […]

Be welcome!

It took a while before I finally jumped on the CouchSurfing bandwagon. Initially, I had a strong prejudice about the bulk of the crowd sourced hospitality network members. I was convinced they saw surfing merely as way to save money while travelling, instead of more importantly, a unique opportunity to connect with locals. Finally, I […]

Surprising ‘Thrillumentary’ blends confusing events with mere amusement

After seen the The Imposter, it’s eay to kick start the old discussion about objectivity with documentary filmmaking. Using actors, dramatic sound, provoking images and edits of eg. facial expressions out of their original context, the director is obviously directing you! The imposter is an interesting and amusing film but does not fulfill what documentaries […]

Instagram is debasing real photography

Allthough I expirimented eventually with Adobe post processing to get vintage looks, I cannot agree more: the Instagram / Hipstamatic / Snapseed filters are the antithesis of creativity, and make all pictures look the same. Read The Guardian article by Kate Bevan

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