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We made it to Almaty!

Here and there with a little help of public transport, after 3800km of cycling me and my girlfriend Martine finished cycling to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Earlier I posted some pictures of stage one. Here some more of the continuation of the trip. Read more about the amazing people we met along the road on our project website: energy […]

Level one accomplished: Odessa here we are

Currently me and my girlfriend Martine are cycling to Almaty, Kazakhstan. We started in Poland (Rzeszow), crossed the Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria and after 1000km we arrived safely in Odessa, Ukraine. Read more about the amazing people we met along the road on our project website: energy If you want to follow our tracks along […]

Crossing energy borders

This summer, we will travel for 3,5 months from Amsterdam to Almaty and back, by bicycle and public transport. It’s a simple trip, with a simple purpose: exploring energy borders, while finding the energy to keep going… It all started while we wondered about energy, deciding it was time to take action. Marijn Engels, professional […]

Portraits on barricades: blending photojournalism with documentary photography

Shooting analogue large format images during emotional and sometimes violent street protests is a challenge. Katya Rezvaya and Misha Domozhilov rolled the sleeves and did it. Did it beautifully: ‘Revolutionaries from Hrushevskoho street’. Couple of weeks ago befriended photographer Katya Rezvaya and her friend Misha Domozhilov have been in Kiev for a collaboration project: portraits […]

Instagram is debasing real photography – part 2

Filmmaker Thomas Jullien created a nice short movie by weaving together strangers’ Instagram pictures to form a story. It starts with a bike ride to Paris and zaps you to New York and pretty much everywhere else in between. In June 2012, on the occasion of an interesting Guardian article, I posted Kate Beavans interesting […]

Neogothic photography monastery

On the road from France to Amsterdam, I visited a monastery with three million negatives and 80,000 photographs: The Charleroi Museum of Photography in southern Belgium. This highly recommended museum could be a magnet to Charleroi, but at the time I visited, you could count the visitors on one hand. And that’s a shame… This […]

Naarden photography biennial

Are you ready for a photography adventure in Naarden? The Naarden photography festival provides a platform for new international talent and focuses on narrative photography. The festival consists largely of photographic work that has never been shown somewhere before. Exhibitions and activities take place on and around the ancient fortress of Naarden until the 23rd […]

Cultural injection

Photo: Me and photographer Katya Rezvaya at the ADM space It’s been quite a cultural weekend. The open studio route on Prince Island. The walk around the ADM space; never the same and always surprising. The ‘Fiery Tongues’ festival in Ruigoord. My Russian Couch Surfer and photographer having a light shock experience, seeing an old […]

Explore Amsterdam as a curious Sidewalk Adventurer

Navigate Marijn’s Amsterdam highlights map I love maps, interesting drawings created to orient, find special locations and dream about the unknown. The best city maps are personalized by like minded people. For my Couch Surfers I have created a personalised Amsterdam highlights map using Google Maps. A map with all my favorite places in and […]

Instagram is debasing real photography

Allthough I expirimented eventually with Adobe post processing to get vintage looks, I cannot agree more: the Instagram / Hipstamatic / Snapseed filters are the antithesis of creativity, and make all pictures look the same. Read The Guardian article by Kate Bevan

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