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Explore Amsterdam as a curious Sidewalk Adventurer

Navigate Marijn’s Amsterdam highlights map I love maps, interesting drawings created to orient, find special locations and dream about the unknown. The best city maps are personalized by like minded people. For my Couch Surfers I have created a personalised Amsterdam highlights map using Google Maps. A map with all my favorite places in and […]

Do vandals peel letters of the Rijksmuseum walls?

Explore Paul van der Laan’s prone to peel typeface ‘Rijksmuseum’ A week after the opening, I visited the restored Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The visual identity, including the typeface, is rigorously addressed. Main Responsible designer Irma Boom assigned typographer Paul van der Laan for a new type design: the ‘Rijksmuseum’. My first encounter with the typeface in […]

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