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Connect with reality. My Mom’s Motorcycle

I’ll won’t sell my bike, still have my first (broken) skateboard, kept the hand painted T-shirt my mother made for my 12th birthday until it showed to many holes and still cut with the pocket knife my dad gave me. But this short film also makes me rethink my love for material things that make […]

Crossing energy borders

This summer, we will travel for 3,5 months from Amsterdam to Almaty and back, by bicycle and public transport. It’s a simple trip, with a simple purpose: exploring energy borders, while finding the energy to keep going… It all started while we wondered about energy, deciding it was time to take action. Marijn Engels, professional […]

Riding the Himalayan range

Me, my friends and the Royal Enfields are back in one piece. And with a smile. A big one. Two weeks of rolling over tarmac, dirt, gravel, snow and sand while enjoying one of the worlds most beautiful panoramic views, made everlasting memories. The Himalayan range, as well as the way to it from Manali, […]

On the Road campaign starring 504

Walking through the city, my eyes fell on a bunch of giant store window ads, showing an example of my old Peugeot 504. Remarkable Esquire magazine and WE fashion are using this rare seen, but not so fancy French Lion d’or in their ‘On the Road’ campaign. This is what it looks like if you […]

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