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Criticize today, learn from the past, and live a prettier life! How? Marianne van Dijk is going back to the cave to find prehistoric habits we could use in the world we* are living in. After a trial session of 100 days, the project ‘What About Wilma’ gets an sequel. And she needs you to survive!

It’s important to question what your own society teaches you. You can have a different look at yourself by travelling. By meeting new people. Or by realizing your habits are mostly culturally defined and learned. Marianne explores some of the -assumed- habits of early homo sapiens to find out what we can learn from them. And how we can use them in the 21st century. You do not need Facebook to like the idea.

Marianne will share her experience in a blog and finally summarize it in a book and a documentary. So you can read and see which habits could be beneficial for your health, mind, your happiness or the environment. As I am curious but do not want to waste too much time online to follow the project, I support the project with a donation.

Criticism and controversy
You could blame this girl to be a romantic, media and Fred hungry city girl with inconsistent elaboration of principles. Saving people from excessive use of online media, while using the same media to convey the message, is obviously a bit contradictory. I assume a project like this will ad to the development of thinking about your way of living. But likely only people that already thought about the side effects of their habits will be strengthened in their vision. It’s like the SIRE (foundation for idealistic advertising) advertisements in the Netherlands. Research proved they hardly reach their target group. But they strengthen the opinion of those who are already engaged with the issues addressed.

Enthusiasm and curiosity
But let’s put this project in perspective. I think the project is indirectly a frequently heard critique to consumer culture and marketing that tempt us* to buy things we do not really need and live a life we might not love. A critique on the Western life *we are told to be the standard. And social platforms help to celebrate the bright side of life as the standard to live. We do not alwyas feel well with welfare.
But except from critisizing ‘now’, Marianne is trying to learn from the past to live a prettier life! Why would you not just look at the positive sides of an era to use today? Life is not black or white. Why not fall over words like ‘philosophic experiment’ or ‘cave life’.
The few times I met Marianne I was touched by her  enthusiasm and guts to give the career world that surrounds her in Amsterdam the middle finger. This is the most inspirational bit I can learn from her: have the guts to leave your comfort zone, practice and experiment with what -you think- will enrich your life. And sure she has her moments on this personal road! But she enjoys the ride while falling and standing up. We can learn from her ride and the times she stood up after falling.

I will never walk the streets without shoes or ditch my bicycle. But awareness on the benefits of online or paleo diet, quitting use of soap or waste reduction are interesting to me. Looking forward to the book and the documentary. What about you?

Information or donation
To find more information on the What About Wilma project, visit the What About Wilma website.
To get the book and documentary on the road, make a donation on the What About Wilma crowd funding project website and select one of the creative perks Wilma put on the cave shelf for your contribution.

* I write this as a Dutch citizen of the Dutch system, ‘we’ or ‘us’ does not exist.

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