Cultural injection

 Photo: Me and photographer Katya Rezvaya at the ADM space

It’s been quite a cultural weekend. The open studio route on Prince Island. The walk around the ADM space; never the same and always surprising. The ‘Fiery Tongues’ festival in Ruigoord. My Russian Couch Surfer and photographer having a light shock experience, seeing an old abandoned church used as cultural stage. And hundreds of dancing people in Gods house. While in her own country, a peer is locked for a year and a halve, after a rude and provocative act in a church. The old classmate Danielle Cornelissen who spotted me, who without me knowing is currently a creative making music¬† as Danalyze and shooting pictures as Photowoman.

Theatre group Muzak 2013

But the best surprise and highlight for a smile was the professional amateur theatre group Muzak! Haven’t seen their second and last piece ‘Bedkwartet’ by Alan Ayckbourn? Follow Muzak through social media and do not miss their next piece. That can only be good.

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