Join for a ride?

Abandoned gas station, Norway | © P. Pieksma, September 2011

No children. No mortgage and some savings. Healthy and happy. Young in body and mind. This must be about the perfect time to explore the world on wheels. I love personal mobility. It doesn’t take you from A to B. It travels you to B. And that’s where the magic happens. That’s where fewer locals expect you. That’s were you have the best chance to meet unprejudiced people, their habits and culture. Although they can be very interesting Sidewalk Adventure spots too, I prefer to mind the ‘non-lieux’ while travelling.
When you stop learning, you stop living. Seeing new things and enjoying new experiences around the corner and far away keep me alive. For me personal mobility means travelling by bicycle, by motorcycle or by car, and they all have their pros and cons.

Travelling by bicycle
Pros: The slower you go, the more you see! The less you can take, the less is on you’re mind! The physical challenge is very tempting and you’re foot print will be neglectable. The road and weather will communicate to all senses intensively. “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are.” Ernest Hemingway said. It’s relatively cheap as well.

Cons: The distance you can travel in time, although you will mentally make miles too.
Shipping around the world: $
Contact with locals: +++++

Travelling by motorcycle
Pros: If speed is a factor while travelling alone, for me the motorcycle is the best means of transport. You aren’t boxed and you are close to everything you see, feel and smell. Riding is much fun and it is easy to make you’re way through rather bad roads and heavy city traffic.

Cons: foot print, pillion not preferable for long distance (for their sake) or off road (agility), furthermore not much really, if you use you’re head.
Shipping around the world: $$$
Contact with locals: +++

Travelling by car
Pros: Comfortable. You always have a roof and primitive bed with you. Good for couples or people with common interest.

Cons: foot print, it’s big, it caries too much stuff and the more you take, the more is on you’re mind.
Shipping around the world: $$$$
Contact with locals: ++
The first and last car I bought and travelled is a 1977 French Lion d’Or.

Travelling by public transport

Pros: Blend in with local people. The less you can take, the less is on you’re mind! No or little preparation needed.

Cons: Waiiiting. From A to B, not flexible. To many times surrounded by a bunch of Lonely Liar highlight checkin’ backpackers won’t make you feel that adventurous and far away from home.
Shipping around the world: not applicable
Contact with locals: +++++

Join for a ride?
I have dreamt about…
… driving my old Peugeot from Amsterdam to Cape Town, South Africa
… riding a motorcycle around the continent of South America
… cycling through Europe
Do you join for a ride? If you are a travel companion with some savings and who partly enjoys the same I love, share you’re dreams and we might meet on a crossroad to adventure.

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