Honda C70 Super Cub

Honda Super Cub mix, mini ramp Bussum | © Marijn Engels, August 2009

Not seen that often in the Netherlands, this Honda C70 scooter of the Sixties en Seventies is worldwide the best sold motorcycle ever! Four stroke, so no smoke! More complex, but more reliable and economical than the two stroke smoke masters of it’s age. It has been the backbone of the economy in large parts of Asia for decades.

In the Ebay-age, I was able to combine the parts of different international versions that have been produced for the world market. All parts I used are genuine Honda parts and look like they belong to the original bike, but they don’t belong to it at all! With the parts used, I think I made a Honda Cub with the best riding characteristics and the best maintenance interval while preserving the classic Honda Super Cub look I like so much. Join for a ride?
Interested in the making of this Honda mix? Have a look at the Honda Super Cub mix creation page.


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