Honda Z50J Monkey

Honda Z50J Monkey during testing, customs and registration, RDW test centre, Amsterdam | © Marijn Engels, September 2010

Bought over 10 years ago as a rare Japanese import item and kept in pieces, I rebuild this 1978 boys toy a few years ago. Believe it or not; with 8 inch polo mint size wheels, 65cc and a top speed around 75 km/h, in The Netherlands it has to be registered as a motorcycle!

It doesn’t make much sense to ride this midget bike as a 6 feet 4 guy, but being a bit peculiar is exactly what the joy of riding it is about. And I am not alone. There is a vivid Honda Monkey scene all over the globe, with Japan as the leader. Join for a ride?

Interested in more pictures of this boys toy? Want to see it squeezed in a Smart for Two? View my Z50J Monkey gallery.

Its not a big motorcycle
Just a groovy little motorbike […]
Well ride on out of the town
To any place I know you like

Little Honda by The Beach Boys

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