Lennard Schuurmans Context

Lennard Schuurmans Context

From April 24th to May 25th Walls Gallery presents: ‘Context'; A solo exhibition by mixed media master Lennard Schuurmans.

The abstract works you’ll see at Context resonate with each other and the whole is a work in itself. Go see it at the Prinsengracht 737 in Amsterdam!

Check out the Walls exhibition post and Lennard Schuurmans online mixed media portfolio.

Walls Gallery Lennard Schuurmans Context

Exhibition opening. © Walls Gallery.

The shapes, surfaces and lines that I use in my work are not easy to associate with something you see around you. Creating something separate from nature is much more challenging in my eyes than a real world. Creating a world of form and color that is much more abstract; like a collection of shapes, lines, words, rhythms and repetitions.

Blocks that I can use in different ways; as fragments of sentences that I still have to place in its context. During my working process I surround myself with previous works, so that I create a context in which I can relate them. All works resonate with each other; therefore the whole again is a work in itself that is constantly changing.

Lennard Schuurmans (2014)

Did you know that Lenny is beside artist the mastermind behind the Bubble Visor Blog and the annual Rusty Gold Swap Meeting?

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