Peugeot 504 Familiale TLC

Looking for a simple, rare but affordable station wagon, I found this 1977 car on While cleaning the sump as holiday preparation, I noticed leaked water. Drama! I bought and studied the owner’s manual and went for it.

After investigation it wasn’t the cylinder head gasket, so I had to dig deeper in the Peugeot heart to renew the razor thin cylinder gaskets. With the engine already in pieces, there was just one option to fix it right: rebuild the engine. I bought the needed parts from various sources, bought a torque wrench and went on a oily jouney. From time to time with a little help from some friends. After love, tender and ongoing care, it still is a reliable good runner. At the end, the water drama paid off.

Modifications for long distance travelling

  • Electric fan with thermostat on original radiator (2008)
  • Bigger capacity dynamo (2011)
  • Roof tent (2011)
  • Awning (2011)
  • Roof tent (2011)
  • Extra 60l junk yard fuel tank below the trunk (2012)
  • Fuel tank protection (2012)
  • Bigger capacity closed system radiator with electric fan (2012)
  • Radiator protection (2012)
  • Engine sump protection (2012)
  • Modern accessories fuse box (2012)
  • Oil bath air filter conversion (2012)
  • Fog lights (2012)
  • Load adjusters = rear damping with springs (2013)

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